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What is Revivalware?

Revivalware is vintage tableware….dinnerware, glassware, silverware….its linen napkins and tablecloths……its teacups and teapots. Carriage House Revivalware is tableware with a flair, ready to captivate your guests with a new and exciting dining experience they are sure to relish. Each piece has its own unique and beautiful heirloom detail which creates an aura of timelessness and grace. Gold rimmed, brilliant colors, country chic, 50’s retro and fine floral chinas from all ends of the earth are combined in patterns to enhance each other’s uniqueness and beauty when they are assembled in an attentively mismatched but perfectly placed setting.

We call our collection Revivalware because it has been resurrected from a life of neglect and abandonment to a renewed life of value and appreciation again. Carriage House Revivalware was created from a desire to extend our love of things aged and charming to those who want to make their special day unique and memorable. With our passion for antiques and vintage pieces, we have amassed a collection which needs to be shared. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to witness our customers and their guests passionately admiring each place setting as a work of art, creating an atmosphere that elevates the level of excitement to the celebration.

We look forward to celebrating with you, with our promise that you won’t be disappointed.

~~~Heather & Johnny

Johnny & Heather

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